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    MicrobMonitor®2 ASTM D7978 and IP613.

    MicrobMonitor®2 provides a reliable, fully-quantitative assessment of microbiological contamination in fuels, oils and associated waters, in accordance with ASTM D7978 and IP613. This easy-to-use test kit can be used in the field or in lab and allows...

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  • Biocide Rapide

    Biocide Rapide

    Biocide Rapide™ Test provides a reliable assessment of preservative, biocide or antimicrobial concentrations on-site or in the laboratory. This unique test kit allows users to identify how much anti-microbial remains in a sample after treatment...

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  • Fleet Maintenance Kit

    Fleet Maintenance Kit

    Ideal for Maintenance Operations utilizing MicrobMonitor2 (ASTM D7978 & IP 613) test method.  The Fleet Maintenance Kit Includes: Incubator 50 MicrobMonitor2 Test Ampoules 50 Sterile Syringe & Loop Dispensers 50 Sterile Sample Collection...

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  • Fuel Sample Bottle

    Fuel Sampling Bottles are the ideal tool for taking reliable, clean samples. Our Fuel Sampling Bottles are completely sterile and fuel-resistant, and even come complete with a water-separation chamber and alcohol wipes for sample point sanitation...

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  • Incubator


    The Incubator is a desk top, temperature-regulated chamber designed to maintain desired incubation temperatures for growth-based test kits. This easy-to-use, portable device is the ideal test kit accessory for any incubation requirements. TRUSTED + The...

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  • Microbmonitor2 Bulk with Dispensers (50 Units)

    Microbmonitor2 Bulk with Dispensers (50 Units)

    WHAT IS THE MICROBMONITOR®2 TEST? MicrobMonitor2 is a simple and easy to use test kit which enables the quantitative assessment of the viable microbialcontent in petroleum products including liquid fuels, oils and associated water. MicrobMonitor2...

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  • MicrobMonitor® AQUA™

    MicrobMonitor® AQUA™

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION MicrobMonitor® AQUA™ provides a reliable assessment of the overall level of microbial cleanliness of potable, hot or recreational water systems. This simple test kit for bacteria contamination is the ideal water quality test...

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  • SigTests® Sig Nitrite®

    SigTests® Sig Nitrite®

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Sig Nitrite® provides a semi-quantitative assessment of Nitrite Reducing Bacteria (NRB) activity in samples from water systems. This innovative test kit allows users to quickly and accurately detect the risk from NRB of corrosion...

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  • SigTests® Sig Sulphide®

    SigTests® Sig Sulphide®

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Sig Sulphide® is an SRB test kit that detects the presence of bacteria that generate corrosive sulphide, such as Sulphate Reducing Bacteria (SRB). This innovative SRB test kit allows users to quickly and accurately detect bacteria...

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  • SigTests®: Sig Rapid WB™

    SigTests®: Sig Rapid WB™

    Sig Rapid WB™ provides a semi-quantitative overview of the presence of microbial contamination that may be present in water associated with fuel. This simple test kit allows users to rapidly detect microbes, as they develop in the water phase of a...

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