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    MicrobMonitor®2 ASTM D7978 and IP613.

    MicrobMonitor®2 provides a reliable, fully-quantitative assessment of microbiological contamination in fuels, oils and associated waters, in accordance with ASTM D7978 and IP613. This easy-to-use...

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  • Biocide Rapide

    Biocide Rapide

    Biocide Rapide™ Test provides a reliable assessment of preservative, biocide or antimicrobial concentrations on-site or in the laboratory. This unique test kit allows users to identify how much...

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  • Fleet Maintenance Kit

    Fleet Maintenance Kit

    Ideal for Maintenance Operations utilizing MicrobMonitor2 (ASTM D7978 & IP 613) test method.  The Fleet Maintenance Kit Includes: Incubator 50 MicrobMonitor2 Test Ampoules 50 Sterile...

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  • Fuel Sample Bottle

    Fuel Sampling Bottles are the ideal tool for taking reliable, clean samples. Our Fuel Sampling Bottles are completely sterile and fuel-resistant, and even come complete with a water-separation...

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  • Incubator


    The Incubator is a desk top, temperature-regulated chamber designed to maintain desired incubation temperatures for growth-based test kits. This easy-to-use, portable device is the ideal test kit...

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  • MicrobMonitor® AQUA™

    MicrobMonitor® AQUA™

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION MicrobMonitor® AQUA™ provides a reliable assessment of the overall level of microbial cleanliness of potable, hot or recreational water systems. This simple test kit for...

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  • SigTests® Sig Nitrite®

    SigTests® Sig Nitrite®

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Sig Nitrite® provides a semi-quantitative assessment of Nitrite Reducing Bacteria (NRB) activity in samples from water systems. This innovative test kit allows users to...

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  • SigTests® Sig Sulphide®

    SigTests® Sig Sulphide®

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Sig Sulphide® is an SRB test kit that detects the presence of bacteria that generate corrosive sulphide, such as Sulphate Reducing Bacteria (SRB). This innovative SRB test kit...

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  • SigTests®: Sig Rapid WB™

    SigTests®: Sig Rapid WB™

    Sig Rapid WB™ provides a semi-quantitative overview of the presence of microbial contamination that may be present in water associated with fuel. This simple test kit allows users to rapidly...

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